Teach Your Children Well

This past weekend was a long one- four shows in three days! As fun as these runs can be, they’re often tiring as well. This set of shows, however, was particularly special.

We started off Friday evening at Chico Feo on Folly Beach. It’s a beautiful little backyard bar- a few blocks from the beach, surrounded by trees, with a small stage at the back of the lot. A new friend of ours from Folly- Ricky- joined us on the mandolin for part of the set. His grandchildren were there, enjoying the music as well as just running around and being kids. At the end of the night, Ricky’s granddaughter, Aurora, joined him on stage to sing one last song- Worried Man Blues. As well as being downright adorable, it also seemed a hopeful statement about many things- family, community, the future of music.

Saturday we had another very similar surprise. We played at the Brickyard in Mt. Pleasant, a cool sports bar with an awesome stage. Some time into our set, a young boy- six or seven years old- comes in with his parents and sits at the bar. Mike asked him what he’d like to hear, and he threw several options at us- Marshall Tucker Band? Johnny Cash? We were pleasantly surprised. Then we learned he played the drums! We invited him to sit in on the snare for a few songs, and he blew us away with his rhythm and focus. When we talked to Gavin and his parents later, we learned that Gavin himself had chosen to come see us. His parents look for local bands that start early enough to accommodate a seven-year-old’s bedtime, and then let Gavin listen to their music. They had done that Saturday, and he chose us. To see such a love for music- especially live music- at a young age was amazing. They told us they’d be at our Sunday afternoon gig as well.

Sunday morning came early, but we got some coffee and water and headed back to Folly Beach. When you get to play music on the edge of America on a Sunday afternoon, how can you really complain? We set up outside despite the looming storm clouds and began our set. Soon enough, Gavin and his parents, his two sisters, and a few friends showed up. We had Gavin join us on the cymbals, and then we got the whole fam damnily! His sisters and one of their friends joined Mike on tambourine and found percussion (a stool from the bar- the brilliant idea of Mr. Hatfield). As the rain moved in, we moved inside for a pub-style acoustic set that was well-received.

Sunday night means Honky Tonk Sundays at Big John’s Tavern in Downtown Charleston. After a rough set last Sunday, we moved forward with positive attitudes and had a fantastic time. A friend of ours from the Holy City Confessionals at the West Ashley Home Team BBQ, Ripley, came up for a wonderful acoustic set of his original music.

What can we say? We’re blessed! Throughout the weekend, we saw the power that music has in everyone’s lives- from Ricky to his granddaughter Aurora- Gavin’s parents supporting his love of live music- and Gavin himself, thrilled to be on stage with us and excited about the guitar lessons he’ll be starting next month. We are reminded of what we want to build as a band- a community of people of all ages and from all walks of life, united by their love of listening to and performing music.

Look for us this upcoming weekend! We’ll be at Rosie O’Grady’s in Beaufort on Friday, and the Smoky Oak Taproom on James Island Saturday night. Then it’s back to Big John’s for Honky Tonk Sunday.


– Caryn “EV” Egan


Jeff Austin & Friends in Charleston, SC Tonight…

Tonight the infamous long time jam grass Mando king who is known for many aspects of his career and particularly his run with The Yonder Mountain String Band will be in the low country tonight for an intimate acoustic show with his trio at The Pour House. The Pour House is a staple of the James Island and Charleston music scene and we’re thankful for their many a great shows. Jeff Austin and friends tonight will be no exception. Click on The Pour House for tix!

Here is an amazing Full Set from Nefest 2013:

Folly Beach Weekend Recap

The Michael Martin Band had a busy weekend planned for them. It was Memorial Day Weekend, three shows had been booked, and friends were driving from Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida to see them play and spend the weekend with them. The gigs were booked all over the lowcountry of South Carolina, from Summerville to Folly Beach to downtown Charleston.

Friday night started with a show at the Coosaw Creek Crab Shack in Summerville, SC. The band and their friends took the long drive from downtown to Summerville with expectations of good seafood, cold beverages, awesome music, and a great time. The Michael Martin Band played long in to the night on the screened in patio with the sun setting to their backs. As the evening turned to night, a special guest, Scott Martin, showed up to drum in the last set for the band and helped end the show with a bang!

Tommys 2

The Michael Martin Band and their friends went back to the FM Studio that night to party and celebrate a successful beginning of Memorial weekend.

The partying lasted long in to the night, but the group had no trouble getting up and moving the next morning. It was now off to Folly Beach to enjoy the sunshine, water, and paradise. The group spent hours on the beach, in the waves, and a few even tried their hands (unsuccessfully) at surfing.

Folly 2

The group wandered off the beach to a patio bar, Chico Feo, to refuel and to rehydrate. We were gifted with a surprise acoustic set from the Michael Martin Band as they were asked to play in the shade for everyone at the patio bar.

The gig that night was booked at Follywood, right off the main Folly Road. The venue was small, but the atmosphere was just right for a party, as everyone in the joint was ready and willing to let loose and listen to the music. Josh Hatfield even found himself baby sitting a dog at one point in the night.


Saturday was a little bit rougher on the gang in the morning, but after a tour of Downtown Charleston, and stepping in to Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub, the group seemed to regain their composure and will to party and finish out the weekend on a high note.

The set consisted of a mix of Michael Martin Band’s traditional cowpunk style with Irish punk to please the bar owners and patrons. It was a rowdy time that featured the musical talents of Barry Banks and Tim Sutkis. The night wore on, the drinks were flowing, and the group was not ready to call it quits when the set was over, so they all ventured to Big John’s Tavern for a night cap.


The partying again lasted long in to the night, and that next morning saw the departure of most of the friends that had come to spend Memorial weekend with the Michael Martin Band. The weekend was over, but the memories will last a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on the next FM Music blowout in Charleston. 4th of July? Labor Day? We’ll get back to you on that.

Thank you for reading and vicariously enjoying a weekend with the Michael Martin Band!



Want to see the Michael Martin Band live for yourself?! Stop by Big John’s Tavern on Sunday nights or Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub on Tuesday nights, both in downtown Charleston, SC. If you need a different night of the week, leave a message in the comment section with the dates that you will be in town and I will tell you where they will be playing that night.

The Silo will host Freaky Tiki Fridays this summer for Downtown Muncie!


Freaky Tiki Fridays have been a staple of Summer in Muncie for the last decade. FMMusic thinks it’s safe to say we all have a little cabin fever from this winter! Please be our guests this Friday as the free weekly concert series kicks off in The Casa Del Sol parking lot at 7pm Friday May 3oth! Drinks will be provided by The Silo and FM is happy to help keep the music flowing always! For info contact The Silo.

Welcoming in the warm Summer winds is Dr. John Peterson and Phil Dunn with the Doc’s House Band!

For Booking this summer please contact us at fmmusicbooking@gmail.com

The Travelin’ Kine… Look for them on the map at a local venue near you!

FM Studio Charleston Roomie Slayton Glover and his band of travelin’ misfits aptly named The Travelin’ Kine showed us they got the spirit of Rock-n-Roll travelin’ through their veins at their last show.  They were opening up for Yarn at Charleston’s Pour House and we’re joined by members of Yarn for a foot stompin’ end to the opening set! Yarn brought out a bottle of Grey Goose and sat it on the stage to start their set, and they were met with a thunderous boom as the crowd rushed up to get the night going right! FM is proud to support our brothers of the road The Travelin’ Kine and all of those committed to making music for the people! Support Live Music!