The Silo will host Freaky Tiki Fridays this summer for Downtown Muncie!


Freaky Tiki Fridays have been a staple of Summer in Muncie for the last decade. FMMusic thinks it’s safe to say we all have a little cabin fever from this winter! Please be our guests this Friday as the free weekly concert series kicks off in The Casa Del Sol parking lot at 7pm Friday May 3oth! Drinks will be provided by The Silo and FM is happy to help keep the music flowing always! For info contact The Silo.

Welcoming in the warm Summer winds is Dr. John Peterson and Phil Dunn with the Doc’s House Band!

For Booking this summer please contact us at

The Travelin’ Kine… Look for them on the map at a local venue near you!

FM Studio Charleston Roomie Slayton Glover and his band of travelin’ misfits aptly named The Travelin’ Kine showed us they got the spirit of Rock-n-Roll travelin’ through their veins at their last show.  They were opening up for Yarn at Charleston’s Pour House and we’re joined by members of Yarn for a foot stompin’ end to the opening set! Yarn brought out a bottle of Grey Goose and sat it on the stage to start their set, and they were met with a thunderous boom as the crowd rushed up to get the night going right! FM is proud to support our brothers of the road The Travelin’ Kine and all of those committed to making music for the people! Support Live Music!

How to blow up in 2 years? A lesson from Glostik Willy.

Answer: Tour, Tour, Tour. Glostik has logged in over 500 performances in five years, the band hosts 3 music festivals (May Daze, Stik Nite, Twig Nite) and performed at over 35 festivals across the U.S. Glostik is the epitomy of a what a hard working band can do DIY with the a relentless work ethic and a plan.

This summer seems to be business as usual for them. They will not disappoint! Check out their spring / summer tour here:

How to write a good protest song. A lesson from Jordan Page.

FM had a chance to catch up with Jordan Page, a singer-songwriter who toured with Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign who is spreading the message of freedom through his music. We caught up with Jordan at MY PATRIOT SUPPLY where Page was performing for an in-store performance. Jordan said a professor had approached him after a gig and said he liked his folk songs, but he needed to ask questions. Page said he realized what the Prof was speaking about. All good folk / protest songs ask questions. They make you think. They inspire you to use your mind. Bob Dylan asked, “How many roads must a man walk down?”

FM examines two questions Page asks in two of his most honest songs of freedom…

1. Have you ever seen a country bent and broken on it’s knees? Or line of homeless hungry mouths in line begging please. Have you heard the people calling who are hungry in the night,have you heard the prayers of Soldiers who are weary from the fight?

That’s a powerful song… ‘Light of Revolution’ – Do Enjoy!

2. When the red flag of tyranny flies freely in the open, is it then that’ll you’ll finally notice?

Ask the right questions and the people will listen… ‘Liberty’