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Saturday October 14th we will officially launch Our brothers and sisters from Losing September will be joining us from the southeastern leg of their tour. Anergy & Pinkerton and The Brinks will be joining us at The Royal American for the official launch!

We will also be hosting a local showcase, cookout, and the FMStudio at 2723 Carner Ave on Sunday the 18th with many special guests and artists from here in Charleston Live Music Scene! We’ll be streaming the show and featuring artists on

Monday Losing September will be our featured artist at Chico Feo for ‘The Back Porch Sessions’.

Tuesday we’ll be wrapping up this 3-day run for a Recovery Room get down before we send off the boys from Losing September in style!



Unity Concert – The Solutions Tour

Y’all this is where we’re doing our local #Gumbo class and concert this weekend! Germaine H. Jenkins is the change she wishes to see!

We have Halo Ssj, Buddy Bambahda & I will be performing after we break bread! Germaine H. Jenkins and Ernest Clifford Muhammad will teach and inspire on how to organize and empower your community!

The #Gumbo dinner is only $10 and includes a drink, the class on how to make it, the class on community organizing and some lovely tunes to end off your afternoon! #makefoodnotwar

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