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7 thoughts on “Booking”

  1. Hi Mike,

    I’m an Americana songwriter based out of Buffalo, NY playing under the name Brendan & the Strangest Ways. I have a few songs I’d like you to check out for potential play on FMRoots Radio.

    Links to the tracks and more info are below. Please let me know if you’re interested and I can send files, hard copies or whatever you need.

    Thanks very much,

  2. I have a crowd pleasing talent of putting things in my ass and pooping them out…get ahold of me sometime!

    1. I’m sure you’re family is very proud! Keep up the good work. Do you have any actual talents other than internet troll?

  3. Michael Nerenberg is a Montreal-born singer/songwriter and long-time resident of the Quebec countryside. In a long lifetime that has included stints as craftsman, farmer, educator and journalist, he has maintained a love affair with music that has included recording, producing, chronicling, and performing as vocalist/instrumentalist. His original blend of music draws from jazz, blues and folk traditions, and his lyrics from a love of language and by now, large font of experience.
    “Ideally, a song should draw from the eclectic to find the simple message that speaks to our commonality.”

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