Holey Miss Moley plays P-Funk

For starters, Holey Miss Moley (HMM) is a nine piece Funk-Flavored Rock-Soul Infused Groove Factory from Everywhere, Florida.  What’sit Records asked the Holey Miss Moley crew to do Parliament Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot Brain’ in it’s entirety this year at Little Econ Love Fest in Lakeland, Florida and HMM stepped up to the plate swinging and knocked this one out of the ballpark with an immaculate performance!  HMM consists of Kenneth Harvey – Bass Jacob Cox – Guitar, Vox Antonio Morales – Drums Christian Ryan – Saxophone Vernon Suber – Percussion Danny Clemmons – Vox, Tambourine Mikey Guzman – Keys Robyn Alleman – Vox

The Little Econ Love Fest has grown in Central Florida around the idea of creating commUnity through the sharing of music and art in a spirit of celebration. It is a true gift to be able to bring that energy to Maddox Ranch, home of Earthdance Florida, Afterburn, and the Hometeam New Year’s Rally.  The festival grounds were such a beautiful landscape with even beautifuler (slang for more beautiful) people and music.  Maddox Ranch is more than 80 acres of open land with oak trees, a swimming pool, solar showers and lots of farm critters. It is open for music festivals, camping, weddings and any events that warrant an outdoor setting.   Art installations and an onsite gallery  displayed the work of artists from around Florida.  As the Florida family of festivals grows,  new ideas and approaches constantly inspire one another to the tribal gatherings.


Katie Garringer EP Release

Midwest native Katie Garringer has recorded her first EP as she gears up for her big move to The Big Apple.  The tracks are very rich melodic journey through the maze of life… Love, family, growth, pain.  Give it a listen and keep your eyes and ears open, we expect big things from Katie in the future.


From: Katie

Album artwork is being created, hard copies are being pressed, and an online site where you can *buy* my ep is being set up, but in the meanwhile, please enjoy streaming my music for your listening pleasure right here at this soundcloud. I’m so happy, so excited, so ready to share it with y’all. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

Downtown Brown’s Detroit Farewell Show

Exploding from the suburbs of Detroit rock city in 2001, and venturing to the absolute bottom of the rabbit hole by 2015Downtown Brown has carved a unique saga over their 14-year existence. DTB plays a mutant style that splices together punk, funk, metal, experimental rock, and hip-hop, combined with politically incorrect, honest, and sometimes outrageous lyrics. 

Neil, the lead singer and guitarist of the band mentions in an interview with Libby Freeman of Punk Globe that “Funk is definitely in the roots of all the music we make. That 4/4 groove and heavy bottom bass is prevalent in most of what we do. The rest of what we do is all a direct result of our influences. It just makes sense.
Take a fat kid who grew up listening to GUNS N ROSES in grade school, discovered BAD RELIGION and METALLICA in middle school, and in high school became obsessed with PRINCE and P FUNK. It’s pretty easy to see where our sound comes from. Once you ad the latter influences of MIKE PATTON and FRANK ZAPPA it makes complete sense.”

The band is relocating their sound to the entertainment capital of the world aka Los Angeles, California.  Their latest Midwest performance was to a sold out crowd in Detroit, MI at The Loving Touch, one of the wildest shows I have ever seen!

Fans are able to view the full set on YouTube and will soon be able to own a DVD with their farewell set and another live video from their previous tour out in LA.  Visit their website (http://dtbmusic.com) for more information about upcoming tours and to access a plethora of albums recorded since 2001.  #sup