Ohm Radio 96.3 Events – Low-Country’s Truly Independent Listener Supported Station

Ohm Radio 96.3 is looking to launch live over the airwaves in Charleston August 2015, and they need all of the community support they can get. Truly localized independent radio is something that has been missing from cities all over the country, not just Charleston, but there is a movement brewing. People are beginning to get involved in their communities on a major scale. If there is a silver lining in the last 15 years of this country it is the fact that more people than ever have realized that if they don’t get involved in their local community then the communities we cherish and love may no longer exist as we’ve known them. From farm to table farmers markets to truly local non-corporate media, people are taking the time to say this matters to me! We have an opportunity right here in our beloved Charleston to give a powerful voice back to the local community by helping empower OHM Radio 96.3’s mission! Ohm Radio will be a platform for truly local news that matters, local and regional music, educational and inspiring radio, and community outreach. Ohm has brought this idea almost to fruition and just needs our help for a couple last fundraising efforts. There’s a couple ways we can help over the next month! Below we’ve listed some of the local area fundraisers and ways to contribute. Please take the time to help out and empower our community!

· Friday, May 8th, Charleston Music Hall, run Ohm Radio information table with BACE at the release party for new SUSTO CD. (Email Vikki for details.)

· Sunday, May 17th, Royal American, 970 Morrison Drive, Charleston, noon-6:00pm. First Annual OHM Radio Sweet Corn Cook Off – Four locally based musicians /groups will be paired with four local restaurants to create and compete for the best sweet corn dish. Jam session to ensue. Contestants include: Shovels & Rope, SUSTO, The Charleston Jazz Orchestra, Edmond’s Oast, Taco Boy, and The Obstinate Daughter. Many volunteers needed to manage band merchandise, manage fundraising booth, sell tickets, float, manage dog-kissing booth, monitor jump castle, etc. Family friendly. (Email Vikki your desire to help. She anticipates this will be our biggest money-maker.) http://theroyalamerican.com/schedule/

Bob noted that some additional fundraising events are also in the works. Stay tuned for announcements on those. Jeffrey, Cary and Michael will also look into ways they can help raise money quickly in this time of Ohm’s urgent need.

Checks – made out to Media Reform SC – can be sent to Media Reform SC, 963 Lakeview Dr., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464; donations may also be made through the Ohm Radio website at http://www.ohmradio963.org/.


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.10.59 PM

Indiana Ramblers

“I’ve been listening to live music for 30 years, and this is one of the most relaxed venues I’ve ever been to. And everyone actually seems to be listening to the music, instead of talking over it.”

This was one of the first things I heard when I walked through the doors of The Acoustic Room this past Saturday, and it sums up my experience very well. I walked in at 9:00 as the warm-up act, Drew Gruntle, was playing Sixth Avenue Heartache by The Wallflowers. Around 9:30, the music quieted down as the Indiana Ramblers prepared to take the stage, but you hardly noticed it as conversation filled the void.

The Acoustic Room may be a music venue, but it’s also a place for community. The walls are covered in artwork from local artists, and the letters from Doc’s Music Hall hang over the tables. But it’s not just the décor that gives The Acoustic Room life; it’s the people inside it. I watch as people jump from conversation to conversation, with PBR’s and Rolling Rock tallboys in hand. As I’m watching, I’m joined by a group of people who were visiting The Acoustic Room for the first time. After a few minutes of conversation, I know how they all met, and they’re asking me when my girlfriend and I are getting married and how many kids we’re having (not soon and none, just in case you’re wondering). In almost any other context, this would have been annoying, but something about the vibe of the room makes conversation seem more relaxed and sincere.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.55.35 PM

Before long, Indiana Ramblers come on stage. I’m not a bluegrass aficionado, but I can appreciate good live bluegrass, and it was delivered. While I’m drinking my White River Stout (beer brewed in Muncie at New Corner Brewery), I listen to original music and covers of other artists. Of course, what is a bluegrass show post-2013 without a cover of Wagon Wheel? Naturally, this becomes a sing-along for the whole crowd. After a few more songs, I call it a night. As I walk home, I hear the music fade away behind me, but Wagon Wheel is still rolling around in my head.

The Acoustic Room has a free bluegrass show featuring The Indiana Ramblers

#FMMusiclive has partnered up with CRB Entertainment to co-produce a new community space in Muncie, IN (One of FM’s company headquarters). The Acoustic Room is the listening room located at The Common Market, which also features local coffee, vinyl records and urban provisions.

Connect with us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Acoustic-Room/379835465515488?fref=ts

We are kicking off our first official weekend with a free bluegrass show with The Indiana Ramblers! Give them a listen here:

Make Music, Not War Shirt

Thank you to everyone who has already acquired one of our limited edition “Make Music, Not War” t-shirts! Your purchases go straight towards funding the Michael Martin Band on the road and help spread the message of peace and love. If you haven’t encountered our traveling road circus yet please come out to a show to shake your boots with us and pick up a shirt directly. You can also purchase the “Make Music, Not War” t-shirt in our online shop if you want one shipped to you right meow. See you out on the lonesome highway!