420Music Fest at Mosquito Beach

17553810_1227955140591695_6959253203284444953_n420 Festival is an annual music and arts festival held in Charleston, South Carolina. The event will highlight live art and many generes of music including hip hop, indie, EDMR, etc. Across the grounds there will be a community farmers market where festival attendees and connect with local businesses to make purchases and network. Our goal is to quench the city’s thirst for music, culture and arts in the City of Charleston.


The 420 festival is expecting 100s of attendees which will offer great exposure through local press and listeners!

Join our special host Halo for this one and only
Ovayohead experience! Featuring artist like Buddy Bambahda , Quis King Soul , Sem Kari and much more!

Beer and Food will be served also !



Register now to perform and or sell at the 420 Music Festival while slots are available.

Aysha & Co. is booking vendors and artists for the 420 music festival. This is a great opportunity to grow your fan base in your home market.

Booking Dates:

Mon, Mar 27, 2017, 8:00 AM –
Mon, Apr 17, 2017, 11:59 PM EDT

7 min set
Professional sound equipment provided

Book at Ayshaandco.com ! #makemusicnotwar

Holey Miss Moley plays P-Funk

For starters, Holey Miss Moley (HMM) is a nine piece Funk-Flavored Rock-Soul Infused Groove Factory from Everywhere, Florida.  What’sit Records asked the Holey Miss Moley crew to do Parliament Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot Brain’ in it’s entirety this year at Little Econ Love Fest in Lakeland, Florida and HMM stepped up to the plate swinging and knocked this one out of the ballpark with an immaculate performance!  HMM consists of Kenneth Harvey – Bass Jacob Cox – Guitar, Vox Antonio Morales – Drums Christian Ryan – Saxophone Vernon Suber – Percussion Danny Clemmons – Vox, Tambourine Mikey Guzman – Keys Robyn Alleman – Vox

The Little Econ Love Fest has grown in Central Florida around the idea of creating commUnity through the sharing of music and art in a spirit of celebration. It is a true gift to be able to bring that energy to Maddox Ranch, home of Earthdance Florida, Afterburn, and the Hometeam New Year’s Rally.  The festival grounds were such a beautiful landscape with even beautifuler (slang for more beautiful) people and music.  Maddox Ranch is more than 80 acres of open land with oak trees, a swimming pool, solar showers and lots of farm critters. It is open for music festivals, camping, weddings and any events that warrant an outdoor setting.   Art installations and an onsite gallery  displayed the work of artists from around Florida.  As the Florida family of festivals grows,  new ideas and approaches constantly inspire one another to the tribal gatherings.